Friday, September 24, 2010

Romance in the workplace...

Romance in the workplace... there seems to be an on-going debate whether that is good or bad. In the weddings which Mr. Robotic attended lately, it seems that the happy couples found their significant other half at the workplace. Mr. Robotic is not going to statistically prove this but it seems to be a good probability. Haha...

The latest couple to get hitched is Mr. Dataminer and wife! Congratulations to the couple!

The take home gift to commemorate the event was a deck of playing cards (above) with an adorable design of a groom and bride. Each card contains a different love quote. Romantic ya?

Mr. Robotic thought it would be socially inappropriate to take out his camera and take photos of the wedding food so there are no food pictures in this post. Overall though, the food at Hotel Rendezvous was good. In particular, Mr. Robotic liked the starter dish and desert which are usually Mr. Robotic's favorites for most banquets. Hotel Rendezvous starter platter includes prawns with mango salad, sambal abalone clams, baby octopus, egg with bean sprouts, fried popiah while yam paste with pumpkin is for desert. Yummy...

A wonderful event!

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  1. oh my... i have the same thing from my ultraman.. he jus attended a wedding which gave this as a door gift. i wonder if u have attend the same one as him!!!!!