Monday, September 20, 2010

Spread your birthday celebration...

Coincidentally, Mr. Manga, Mr. Robotic and Mr. Kong 's birthdays are about 3 months apart from each other. This year, for some reasons, the trio celebrated Mr. Manga's birthday way late (about 3 months later) which by then was Mr. Robotic's birthday. The trio decided to push back the other two's birthday celebration which was rather amusing. So while it was actually Mr. Kong's birthday month, the trio was celebrating Mr. Robotic's belated birthday. But whatever it is, Mr. Robotic got to binge on good food for free and celebrate his birthday again!!

Mr. Manga brought the trio to a diner which serves Japanese BBQ that was located at level 2 of the Concorde Hotel's shopping mall stretch. Most people would have likely missed this diner given that it is a small place (less than 15 seats) and being located in an area surrounded by masseurs, KTV lounges, billiard places, it is not exactly one's first choice for a dinner appointment.

If one can get past that first impression, one would be pleasantly surprised to discover that this diner is a rather homely and cosy place. Credit of course goes to the lady boss who is very chirpy, smiley and mingles easily with all the customers to ensure that the food is to their satisfaction. Half of the customers were Japanese. A gauge to whether the Japanese food served by a eatery is authentic is by observing if it attracts Japanese customers. So this place pass for authenticity? :)

Here goes...

Seaweed Appetizer. A tinge of spice and sourness to work the appetite. A good start...

Pork stew on the left and Salmon Onigiri on the right. The pork stew was very rich in flavours and warmed up the tummy for more dishes to come. It was the first time that Mr. Robotic had onigiri and it was delicious! Mr. Robotic wants more of this!

Grilled Lamb. Mr. Robotic don't mind this as the aroma of the lamb was just right. Not overpowering compared to those served by other food joints. Choose Grilled Beef if you prefer your meat juicer and accompanied with a sauce. This dish was the only one with any substantial leafy vegetables. Opps...
BBQ Puffer Fish? Mr. Manga said that the above is puffer fish but Mr. Robotic is doubtful as puffer fish can be lethal for consumption if not prepared carefully. Whatever fish aside, the texture is interesting like cuttlefish, only harder.

Assorted BBQ items - Quail Eggs, Asparagus wrapped in Pork and Golden Needle Mushrooms (also known as Enokitake) wrapped in Pork. Mr. Robotic likes quail eggs. Pity few food establishments serve them.

Deep Fried Chicken. Decent but not striking given the more outstanding items available.
Deep Fried Mini Prawns. A crunchy side dish that would be a good δΈ‹ι…’θœ (similar to Tapas).

Others dishes that the trio ate but not captured in the above pictures include:
- BBQ Shiitake Mushrooms with Melted Cheese. The taste and aroma of the mushroom really came through. Thumbs up.
- Calpsi Green Tea Mixed Drink. Mr. Robotic heard Calpsi is a popular drink in Japan and he finally understands why. It is sweet like yakult drink. Mr. Robotic wonders where he can get more of the drink in Singapore. 2 thumbs up.
- Melted Mayonnaise and Cheese over Steamed Squid. Mr. Robotic has no idea that mayonnaise can be melted like this.

There were multiple dishes that came with a mayonnaise dip on the side but it is the original taste of the dishes that really won Mr. Robotic's heart. All in all, this place is really worth visiting but do book in advance!!!

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