Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tipsy on Mooncake...

The Mid-Autumn Festival, a day where family and friends are to gather around to admire the moon and enjoy mooncakes and tea under the moon together. As the years pass by, Mr. Robotic wonders if the values and thoughts behind such traditions are kept.

Not sure why, but Mr. Robotic was hit by a wave of nostalgia for the event this year. In particular, he recalled how he looked forward to this event each year when he was younger because he would receive a new toy in the form of a lantern (the other event being Christmas). Mr. Robotic, Mr. Songwriter Wannabe and Mr. Annoying Orange would compare and brag about the different features of their lanterns like how they can display disco lights or play festival music and deliberately switch off the lights in the room to showcase their lanterns. One year, Mr. Robotic even attempted with Grumpy Gran to make a lantern from pomelo which turned out rather dandy, although it was kind of heavy for a lantern.

Mr. Robotic also enjoyed the parades around the neighbourhood, showing off his new prized possession, alongside Mr. Songwriter Wannabe, Mr. Annoying Orange and Grumpy Gran. What a beautiful array of lights those lanterns were. A special note to Grumpy Gran who is now in the land far far away - Thank you, Grumpy Gran for the sweet memories.

The event is much less celebrated nowadays in this household without a kid. It is reduced to a sampling of mooncakes. This year, Mr. Robotic is absolutely in love with the Raffles Hotel's Snow-Skin Mooncake with Champagne Truffle and Ganache. The velvet snow skin that dissolves in one's mouth is simply divine. Mr. Robotic is not a fan of alcohol. Yet the little tinge of champagne aftertaste is just the right amount for Mr. Robotic. Mr. Robotic is careful not to indulge too much on this delicacy for fear of becoming an alcoholic. From hearsay, Raffles Hotel is the pioneer in concocting inventive mooncake flavours and that head start definitely shows in how they perfected the taste for this mooncake. Mr. Robotic recommends this to anyone who has not tried it before.

So the above is what the event means to Mr. Robotic. What does the Mid-Autumn Festival means to you?

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