Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Otaku otaku...

The Japanese term otaku is coined to refer to a fan of any particular theme, topic, or hobby. If you have watched the American sitcom, "The Big Bang Theory", an example of one possible otaku behavoir would be how the characters talk Yoda-ish in view of their love for the Star Wars movie. Having clarified that, Mr. Robotic while an anime otaku is not a hardcore otaku that would dress in his favorite anime character's dressing. Sorry to disappoint the readers!

Mr. Robotic especially likes those anime with a fantasy element so it ain't surprising that his follow list includes Fairytail, Bleach and Naruto. Not forgeting his robotic counterparts though, Gundam!

The reason why Mr. Robotic adores the fantasy genre is because he admires the visionary abilities of the manga and anime authors to create things that are beyond this world which would have been really extraordinary if it do existed. Think mages, shinigami, ninjas and war robots etc.

Contrary to some views that manga and anime are childish and has no value, the Japanese manga and anime teaches a number of life lessons that are no less than those found in TV dramas or even textbooks. For instance, the animes which Mr. Robotic named above shares common messages like how to never give up even if the odds are against you, the camaraderie and bonding among team-mates and friends, the sad baggage behind each character...

Mr. Robotic don't watch war and gory movies as it makes him feels depressing and disgusted at the cruel side of humans in reality. So on the onstart, Mr. Robotic didn't really appreciate the Gundam series as it touches on war struggles between humans. The beautiful and lightyears ahead designs presented in an animation format however softens the genre for Mr. Robotic and eventually wins him over.

Ironically, Mr. Robotic's favorite of the Gundam Series is the Gundam 00 for its realism and references to the real world on its on-going conflicts in Middle East. The central theme of this series is on a organisation called the Celestial Being who uses its high tech and overpowering gundams to handle the conflicts in the world. The organisation hopes that the fear for Celestial Being would have a policing effect so that none resort to violence to resolve conflicts.

Gundam 00 had a new movie recently called Gundam 00: Trailblazer. It seems that Singapore do have a strong otaku base as the movie premieres in English subtitles in Singapore. Hooray to anime otakus in Singapore as it is an indication of possible more diverse animes to come. Animax is also doing a great job in introducing anime to a broader audience. Mr. Robotic was invited to catch the movie together with Mr. Manga (guess who is more of a fan? haha). The story line is weaker compared to the animation series but it is worth watching to appreciate the far ahead gundam designs which Mr. Robotic is doubtful if it is ever achievable in reality in his lifetime.

Gundam Zabanya. Mr. Robotic's favorite gundam in the movie.

Make LOVE, not WAR!

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