Monday, September 6, 2010

Vacation Leave means...

People around Mr. Robotic is always puzzled at how Mr. Robotic spends his vacation leave especially when he does not utilise the leave to travel overseas. While Mr. Robotic may not be a frequent flyer, it does not mean he is enjoying any less the time off from work. In fact, Mr. Robotic likes such day off on the weekdays compared to the weekends as he gets to wander around Singapore without the crowd. Yes you hear it right! Mr. Robotic is more of a crowd avoid-er rather than a party-goer. Surprise surprise? It ain't surprising for those who knew Mr. Robotic prior to his work days where he is the nerdy kind... He still is today actually... :S

So what did a typical day off entails?

Firstly, Mr. Robotic gets to laze and crawl out of bed when he is indeed awake. Waking up naturally is a better way to start the day, ya?

A bit of physical exercise is crucial given that Mr. Robotic's job only requires to exercise his brains. Mr. Robotic will usually choose among weight trainings, swimming and jogging. Thankfully, instead of just off days, Mr. Robotic is now trying hard to squeeze those activities into his weekend too. Just this weekend, Mr. Robotic got to do all 3! Kudos!

Next up, appreciating food with Mdm. Agaration. For the previous off day, the duo ate at Crystal Jade at Vivocity and was the food excellent! The top to bottom glass panel allows a view of Sentosa. The view would be more magnificent once all the construction work at Sentosa is completed.

Mr. Robotic likes the sleek white and black utensils. These colors are simply timeless.

Kai Lan with Garlic. A simple dish but delicious nonetheless. It is a bit costly though at $14 for small serving.

Xiao Long Bao. Don't you just like the soup gushing out when you bite it? Frankly, Mr. Robotic didn't appreciate this delicacy until Ms. Queen kept raving how good Din Tai Feng's ones are!

Crab and scallop bits fried rice. At $18, it is on the pricey side but the rice is really fragrant and the serving is meant for 3 to 4 people. Yup, Mr. Robotic and Mdm. Agaration finished it all though there were only 2!

Cod fish. Under the fish is a thin layer of steamed egg. Nice combination of ingredients.

Egg Tarts. No meal is complete without some sweet stuff... dessert! Mr. Robotic likes the fluffy texture of such egg tarts.

Such little breaks from work serves to motivate one or Mr. Robotic at least to work harder or smarter for his dream of early retirement where he can slow down and experience the life of a retiree instead of the super fast paced which one in Singapore is programmed to follow. Mr. Robotic refuses to believe that the retirement age is expected to lengthen yet again. The forefathers have a longer life expectancy and they retired much earlier. Come on, what about enjoying life and smelling the roses at the sidewalk instead of whizzing through everything? Mr. Robotic refuses to accept his "destiny"!

Wish him luck in overcoming it!

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  1. your pictures just made me hungry.