Saturday, July 23, 2011

Simple things can be a blessing...

It had been a rough week for Mr. Robotic. Luckily, lady luck seemed to be smiling at Mr. Robotic today.

So the goods news at a glance:
- Received a letter informing Mr. Robotic of a rebate.
- Got a good haircut which somehow also cut away Mr. Robotic's troubles.
- Enjoyed retail therapy (good deals too at Pull & Bear and Bershka!).
- Liked the Calpsi and Mango drinks.
- Went for a 2.4 km jog and there was improvement in his timing.
- Explored the skyview from another block in his neighbourhood.

Some random photos from Taipei...

Mr. Robotic is rather lazy in maintaing his blog lately. Just some random photos from his past Taipei Trip.