Monday, October 4, 2010

Pictures said it all...

To celebrate Mdm. Agaration's birthday, the group went to Long Beach restaurant at IMM. The standards are as good as Mr. Robotic remembered - Yumm-licious!

Warning: Salivating over the pictures may happen...

Prawns with butter and onions. A marvellous start!

Roasted Chicken. The skin is really crispy even though it is not fried!

Chilli Crab. It is so heavenly to eat crab when the shell is removed by other than Mr. Robotic!

Fried Man Tou to dip in Chili Crab is a must! This is what's stopping Mr. Robotic from trying black pepper crab.
Kai Lan with garlic. Some greens to balance the diet.

Fried Rice. Single portion serving for Mr. Robotic.

Steamed Sea Bass.

Almond Jelly with Longan. Mr. Robotic was so full he can barely finish this even though supposedly there is always room for dessert!

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