Tuesday, May 4, 2010

OTD mentality...

OTD stands for On the Dot. Apply it to work context, it literally means to leave the office on time but there is more to it. To Mr. Robotic, it means to be able to complete all the work due for the day and leave the office at ease and ensuring that his personal time are by no means compromised by work. Mr. Robotic always admired his colleagues who are able to achieve the OTD spirit and hopefully pick up a few tips from them to improve his own pace of work.

Click on Mr. Robotic's profile and his earlier posts and take a look at his aspiration on how he wishes to become a real boy who gets to explore the fun things in life instead of a remaining as a working machine. To put things in perspective, do take a look at the equation below...

Work Life Balance Equation for a "normal" person:

8 hours of Work + 8 hours of Personal Time + 8 hours of sleep = 1 day

By normal person, Mr. Robotic is referring to one that has a office job and is expected to clock the standard office hours per day. Also do note that in the above equation, 1 day = 24 hours = 1,440 minutes = 86,400 seconds which is impossible to increase. The only variables are work, personal time and sleep. However, sleep cannot be reduced too drastically or it would lead to dire or undesirable effects.

On the same issue
, Mr. Robotic read a book recently by the author, Robert Shemin, in which he said that the true measure of wealth is not in the monetary measures (i.e. how much money one have) but rather time itself. This is because one can make more money but one cannot make more time. Mr. Robotic's take from the book is wealth should not be created at the expense of one's personal time. Instead one should work towards generating wealth through methods that can reduce the number of work hours and further translate that to more personal time. And this is Mr. Robotic's goal for 2010.

Looking back at the past few weeks stretching from February to April, Mr. Robotic's work life balance equation
was in a total mess. Mr. Robotic landed up sacrificing his personal time and sleep due to increase in additional hours put in for work. And the worst part of all, the additional hours does not necessarily translate in to more wealth for Mr. Robotic. On the contrary, if Mr. Robotic did not perform to the expectations of his job level, it could mean less wealth.

Lucky for Mr. Robotic, May is finally becoming a better month for him.
He has been repeating to himself throughout each day that he has to clear the various objectives of the day by 6pm each day and he would cut away all distractions that obstructs his path. By practicing the OTD spirit, Mr. Robotic finally get to achieve much more things in his after work times like:
- Running
- Update blog
- Finish reading a book
- Gym exercises
- Experience the evening sun
- Small talk with family members

Being able to get his personal time back on track, Mr. Robotic felt "richer" already.
OTD all the way!!

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