Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tomato Egg...

Tomatoes stirred fried with Eggs
Learned of this recipe from 女人我最大 episode 20100308 超幸福爱心便当

Ingredients (Serves 2 to 3):
3 eggs mixed
2 tomatoes
A few stalks of spring onions
1 table spoon of tomato sauce
Dash of salt and sugar
1 tea spoon of oil

1. Heat the oil in pan and start cooking the eggs over low fire till the eggs are half cooked. Take out the eggs.
2. Put in the tomatoes and spring onions in pan and stir fried.
3. Next add in the tomato sauce and some water.
4. Add back the eggs and the salt and sugar.

Wonder whats besides the tomatoes and eggs? Click here.

A very simple dish. Good for those who likes tomatoes. Anyway, Mr. Robotic did made some mistakes on this dish too. He couldn't find salt so he skipped the step of adding salt. And he didn't realise that he is supposed to add sugar. Mr. Robotic added white pepper instead. So overall his take on this is a bit bland. Anyway, one can't go too wrong with this dish.
Also, it's ideal for vegans who can take egg products too. :)

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