Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Are you really in Singapore?

This post is long overdue since the actual event took place in April itself and you may have already read about a related post on this. But it's all good since Mr. Robotic get to reminisce the moment. :)

Ever since Mr. Robotic heard that Universal Studios is going to bring their act to Singapore, Mr. Robotic has been enthusiastically awaiting their arrival. While Mr. Robotic is thankful for Singapore for many things (e.g. stability, infrastructure), the small island can definitely do no wrong in adding familiar characters from Shrek and Madagascar to its population and make things more interesting.

Universal Studios really did lived up to its expectations. There are lots to see and Mr. Robotic felt that he was at the set for the different movie scenes (at "Lights, Camera, Action!" Mr. Robotic did get to witness the setting for a major hurricane). It is amazing how this part of Sentosa is transformed, so much so that one questions whether he or she is still in Singapore. The best part of course is that Mr. Robotic get to spend a memorable day out with his family (the previous one being the now dysfunctional Haw Par Villa?! Gosh, that's ancient!)!
Universal Studios Singapore (USS) are divided into Hollywood, New York City, Sci-Fi City, Egypt, Madagascar, Far Far Away and Lost World. Lest for Sci-Fi City which Mr. Robotic thinks is a tad dull (maybe cause the main attraction Battlestar Galactica is down for repairs), the rest of the USS has much to do and Mr. Robotic couldn't complete them in a day (e.g. "Pantages Hollywood Theater").

It could have been the long queue times for the attractions (some rides actually need 50 minutes waiting time! Or it could be the weekend) that slowed Mr. Robotic's progress or the glaring sun that made Mr. Robotic hid in the air-conditioned places. Whatever the case, it is worth a second or third visit!

Not convinced? Take a look at some of Mr. Robotic's photographs of USS!!!

In the WaterWorld stage, watch as the actors and actresses perform defying stunts before your very eyes. An explosive performance! Those sitting in the front seats, be prepared to get soaked! Keep a lookout for the schedule as there are limited times for this performance.

Mr. Robotic donning his Ogre ears and pretending that Shrek's place is his. Mr. Robotic looks endearing as Shrek right? Maybe Mr. Robotic can consider a part time job as the Shrek mascot. Haha.

There are mascots (e.g. Puss in boots and Kungfu Panda) going around to take photos and the mascots sure have a number of cheeky poses. A pity Mr. Robotic missed out the opportunities to take photos with them as they appeared only for short intervals. Well, it's not easy to be in those thick suits in Singapore's hot climate. So the mascots definitely deserve their cool down breaks. Kudos to these people whom braved the weather and made it possible! Mr. Robotic hopes to be able to take pictures with them in his next visit to USS.

While Fairy Godmother is a villain in Shrek 2, Mr. Robotic like the two-faced character for she sang one of his favorite song "Holding out for a Hero" in the movie. Also, like Pinocchio, Mr. Robotic wishes that the Fairy Godmother can turn him into a real boy instead of a working machine! Happily Ever After potion anyone?

Pity there are not many villains stuff in USS. Mr. Robotic thinks they have a niche audience that should not be missed.

The guardians to the indoor roller coaster, "The Revenge of the Mummy". Mr. Robotic had never took any indoor roller coasters prior to this and so Mr. Robotic is giving two thumbs up for this cool and thrilling ride! Many of Mr. Robotic's friends also give rave reviews about the ride. The long walk in to the ride is complete with flickering lights which adds to the spook factor. Hey, its dark on the ride itself, so scream all you want (not that Mr. Robotic screamed... :P).

No theme park is complete without the kiddie rides. Let the kids or adults have a go at the above "King Julien's Beach Party-Go-Round". Mr. Robotic likes to Move it Move it and he chose Nana, the crazy and aggressive old lady. She deserves punishment for trying to bully Mr. Robotic's favorites, the Penguins. Opps... Anyway, Nana does not move much... like moving an inch up and down?

So there you go, Mr. Robotic's take on some of the attractions at USS. It's cool to feel as though you are a tourist visiting Singapore even though you are a local. Be there to experience it!


  1. It must be punishing to be up on the outdoor rides in this ridiculous weather..

  2. As Mr. Robotic tried most of the outdoor rides in the morning and for the afternoon, did the indoor rides (e.g. "Shrek 4-D Adventure"), had lunch and shopping, the punishment was minimised.

    Still, Mr. Robotic did wish that the whole of USS is enclosed like Vivocity and fully air-conditioned. That would have been cool (pun intended)! Haha.

    On that day, Mr. Robotic also came across an Ang Moh performer whose skin was already toasted to a lobster red. Yet he was still full of energy in his outdoor performance and loving his job. Professionalism!