Saturday, May 15, 2010

Life of a "retiree"...

Well... Mr. Robotic ain't exactly a machine that is due for retirement soon. However, that ain't stopping him from experiencing the kind of lifestyle if he is indeed a retiree. What would one of the "retirement" days entail? It would be sipping away afternoon tea and enjoying little snacks while flipping the business times and magazines at the cafe.

Mr. Robotic has been eyeing the coffee connoisseur (TCC)'s tea set promotion ever since he learned about the promotion a week ago. The promotion is from 2 to 6pm where one gets to enjoy snacks and a drink (choice between coffee and tea) for $12.90. Citibank card holders get to enjoy a further 15% discount on the bill.

The strawberry tart is missing as it is already in Mdm. Agaration's tummy before Mr. Robotic can take up his camera.
Salmon sandwich.

The peppermint tea pot.

Little cookies to go with the tea itself.

Mr. Robotic always like visiting the different branches of TCC because while the colors used for the decoration is yellow, brown, white and black, each branch has somehow a unique decor to it due to the choice of furniture and even the chandeliers. Besides the design, the alternative drinks such as "Peach Me Up" and "Green Apple Twist" are quite nice (Mr. Robotic can't take coffee as it is like a laxative to him) and the highlight of course would be the "Seafood Aglio Olio". The scallops are a little bit chewy or as the Taiwanese would call it the QQ texture.

Do let Mr. Robotic know if you come across any other good promotions ya...?!?


  1. With the increasing standards of living in SG, the thought of how retirement life will be, can be quite daunting!

  2. Agreed! Which is why one need to start planning for it today like how much money one is saving up... is the money saved used to generate more money etc?

    Believe that it is attainable! :)