Tuesday, May 4, 2010

China Bistro...

When one has free vouchers, there is that tendency to over spend. That is exactly what happened with Mr. Robotic and gang when Mr. Robotic received free food vouchers of over $50 for spending at Universal Studios.

As Mdm. Agaration likes Chinese Food, the gang settled on Holly China Bistro among all the eateries in Universal Studios.

The dishes are (from top to bottom) Yang Zhou fried rice (without prawns), Spinach with garlic (vegetable
of the day), Glutinous Rice wrapped in leave, Spring roll, Meat Platter, Guo Tie and Longjing Tea.

Total damage for the whole lot of the food is $120+ for a group of 4. Pity all the dishes above came across as standfare and none was really outstanding except for the roasted pork from the meat platter. The skin of the roasted pork was really crispy and there was a few sauces to dip on. It was one of the rare occasions that Mr. Robotic was not turn off by the fatty meat. Another point worth mentioning was that the service was prompt which was especially important then for the extremely hungry group.

Worth another
try for Mr. Robotic? Perhaps with another selection of dishes.

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