Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Service Excellence Workshop

Mr. Robotic is always in a dilemma over quality versus quantity in his course of work. As quantity is easily measured, Mr. Robotic finds himself constantly evaluated based on the volume of work that he can complete and whether the work is completed on a prompt basis.

However, Mr. Robotic's developers have also been emphasizing that quality is of equal importance in his work. But due to lack of time, increasingly higher quantity targets or simply losing sight of the objectives, Mr. Robotic finds he does sacrifice quality over quantity from time to time.

It was therefore good timing that Mr. Robotic received valuable training in a form of a two day workshop on "service excellence" to help him reconnect to his job purpose. That is, he is there at his job to help people.

What is Mr. Robotic's main takeaway from the workshop conducted by Mr. Trainer?

Generalisation, is one's in-built mechanism to helps one do their work faster (aka handling the quantity aspect) and it is especially important in today's world given the clutter of information that one is required to process each day. It is a double-edged sword though. Sometimes one needs to be mindful not to jump too quickly to conclusions and that not one solution fits all problems, for one's generalisation could be incorrect.

Mr. Robotic is gulity of generalisation too as he may be too quick to judge things and reject an idea instead of letting the events play out and see how it eventually goes.

Similarly, Mr. Robotic experiences how he is discriminated due to generalisation as he recalls how the sales people in a particular shop only greeted and attended to the ang moh customers (predicted to be tourists who are willing to spend money in the shop) and totally ignored Mr. Robotic's presence because he is in a T-shirt and bermudaes (predicted to be a Singaporean who is merely doing window shopping and not worth their effort) that day.

True enough, due to the double standards experienced, Mr. Robotic left the shop quickly. Self-fulfilling prophecy? One should be wary not to fall in that loop.

While the workshop may be touching on topics which Mr. Robotic already know, it is a good workshop because it keeps Mr. Robotic grounded and not lose focus of his job purpose. Importantly, the ideas are presented in a fun manner and a nice break from work!

Thanks Mr. Trainer! Much Appreciated!

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