Saturday, May 22, 2010

Make someone happy today!

While watching a video on "Johnny the bagger" at the service excellence workshop, a particular quote by Mark Twain in the video resonated with Mr. Robotic.

"The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody else up."

It is easy to point out other people's mistake but as Asians, one is not so forthcoming in giving or accepting compliments. One should learn to give others compliments when it is due. Your words may just uplift another person's day and in doing that creates a positive energy that may bounce right back at ya. It is nice to see someone smile right?

Also, by praising someone, you are helping to reinforce the strength or attribute that the person is good at for he or she may not realise to explore that area.

So... make it a point to compliment someone each day!

Funny side note:
Mr. Robotic remarked that Mr. Trust Me was dashing on a random day. But instead of gracefully accepting the compliment, Mr. Trust Me grabbed a stapler (not the small kind but the large kind) and threatened to throw at Mr. Robotic for his nonsense.

Moral of story? The compliment must be sincere and genuine or it may just backfire. Opps....


  1. I know of this situation on the bus. Friendly bus driver was greeting each of his boarding passengers. Then came this group of young students. After they got to the seats, they were heard commenting " The driver siao one.."

    Now, who's mad?