Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Fastest Burning Candles ever....

Mr. Robotic never liked his birthdays cause it is a constant reminder to himself that yet another year had passed in his life and he needs to evaluate his past achievements. For machines especially, this is a big no no cause they would have depreciate in value with each passing year. Lucky for Mr. Robotic, his friends were there each year with their warm wishes to make the transition easier.

This year marks the last year in his twenties for Mr. Robotic as Mr. Trust Me "brutally" reminded him. The next year would be the big 3 for Mr. Robotic. The numbers again sunk in when the mango cake presented to Mr. Robotic contained so many candles which more or less crowded the cake. And as there were so many burning candles next to each other, they burned so fast that Mr. Robotic and friends had barely enough time to take photos with the birthday cake. It was hilarious trying to capture a photo before the candle burns out! Got to be a first!

Another first for Mr. Robotic was that it was the first birthday where the friends celebrated with a BBQ. Lots of laughter and fun. Thank you Ms. Molly for being the host and organising the whole event!

While the day ended, it is kind of surreal for Mr. Robotic as he took it all in. He is approaching the next stage of his life. A little clueless, maybe a little scary... but its alright. Cause he can count on all his friends to make the journey forward, interesting, exciting and memorable!

Thank you all!

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