Sunday, June 6, 2010

Jelly jelly...

Konnyake Jelly
Followed the instructions on the packaging.

Ingredients (serves 8 to 10):
- Konnyake Jelly Powder
- Fruits of your choice cut to bits size
- 500ml of water

- Fill the pot with the 500ml of water. Upon turning on the flame, pour the jelly powder gradually into the water. Keep stirring till it boils.
- Upon boiling, remove from stove and stir till bubbles disappears.
- Add fruits to mould. Pour mixture from step 2 into mould.
- Chill for 3 hours before serving.


Mr. Robotic chose the pineapple flavored jelly and used apples as the garnishing for the jelly to give it a little crunchiness in texture. Apples however are not meant to be kept for long so it is advisable to consume the jelly the day itself once it is chilled nicely. Each pack actually can serve 8 to 10 people so you may want to cut down on the quantity. Mr. Robotic is going to try this jelly thingy again but with a clear colored jelly instead. The rich yellow overshadows the garnishing.

PS: Mr. Robotic bought the small little turtle pick from Daiso. Daiso just have some things that are irresistible at $2 (there are other picks in the pack for future use). Haha...

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