Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mr. Congeniality turns 3...

Mr. Robotic and Ms. 大眼妹 decided to throw Mr. Congeniality a mini birthday celebration in view that he is at in their opinion a new stage in life. Mr. Congeniality is now 3 years old!!! Well at least that is what the candle on his cake says. haha..

If you
are wondering why is the cake amateurishly decorated... that is because it was decorated by Mr. Robotic and Ms. 大眼妹. The duo met up earlier at the shop Icing Room in the basement of 313 at Somerset (same management of Breadtalk) and was given a plain white cake with 3 icings and decorative stars. Using the icing to draw is no easy feat which explains for a not so "handsome" caricature of Mr. Congeniality.

However, if you want to give a personalised gift to someone and is good with icing drawings, then
this shop will be the one for you. And the bonus is... the cake actually tasted good!
Hoped that Mr. Congeniality enjoyed his mini celebration!

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