Sunday, October 25, 2009

Happy Note 1: Julie and Julia

If you have chanced upon this blog and not knowing what exactly this blogger, Mr. Robotic, is up to, well hopefully this post can shed some light...

Mr. Robotic caught the movie "Julie and Julia" yesterday. It is surely an entertaining, touching and funny movie (What's not to love with the endearing Meryl Streep?). Mr. Robotic recommend the movie to anyone looking for a good laugh or wanting to feel good.

But beyond all that, the underlying message of the two female leads seeking their purpose in lives, peserving and overcoming the obstacles is what really inspires Mr. Robotic.

This is because Mr. Robotic is at a stage now in his mechanical life whereby he is wondering what is the purpose or objective in his life (if any at all) and kind of feeling disoriented for his circuits. Besides his day job which is rather robotic at times, he spent his time on Facebook, watching TV etc. Similar to the female leads, he needed something, a project that helps to keep him occupied and at the same time get some value out of it.

Somehow, Mr. Robotic is never contended to be a mere robot and like to be a dreamer and always like to express himself in writing even though his mechanical hands are never really good for writing. Nevertheless, Mr. Robotic decided to emulate Julia by starting this blog.

What topics will Mr. Robotic be writing you asked? Well... mostly on events or things in life that makes he happy or excited of course! Hopefully, he can look back at his blog one year later and be contended or reminded that he too have achieved numerous things.

Who knows, you may find some things in his blog that you may enjoy doing too but has failed to start doing...?

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