Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Note 2: Whacking things

Alright, Mr. Robotic is definitely not a violent piece of machine, unlike "The Terminator" which derives joy from gunning things down. Neither, does Mr. Robotic advocates fists and kicks as a means to resolve any issue even though the temptation to give a slap to certain deserving people did played out in Mr. Robotic twisted little mechanical brain on several occasions.

"Whacking things" to Mr. Robotic does not include the harm of any living creatures. In fact, what Mr. Robotic likes to do here is playing a racket game like badminton, squash. Especially the latter sport.

It is funny though, when Mr. Robotic was first introduced to this sport several years ago, he didn't enjoy squash as much as he did today. It could be because the opponents that he had then were a bunch of competitive people who are so concerned on winning and getting the approval from Coach that the fun element of the sport is missing. Playing it at a recreational level without feeling any burden is really a much better way to enjoy this sport.

The objective of squash simply put is to return the ball back to the designated portions of the wall in a manner so as to prevent your opponent from returning the ball. The adrenaline rush from trying to react and outsmart your opponents moves is exhilarating. It is like a chess game, except at a fast pace with little time to ponder.

Mr. Robotic also likes releasing all the pent up frustration on the little black ball instead of fuming it inside his bots. Not only is it a good form of exercise for this depreciating machine, it aids mentally too for Mr. Robotic to deal with the stress and unhappiness in his life.

In our busy environment whereby we are constantly bombarded by information seeking our attention and thereby making one lose one's concentration. Squash like other sports is a much welcomed change. In that enclosed room, one trains to focus all the attention on a little black ball. By constantly improving one's focus, that skill would essentially allow one to deal with the challenges at work.

Whatever the case, "whacking things" or other sports is good addition to Mr. Robotic's otherwise unhealthy lifestyle of eating junk food and sitting in front of the computer whole day. Hopefully, one day, Mr. Robotic can take on new sports for instance... Tennis.

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