Friday, November 6, 2009

Happy Note 3: 8 hours a day

8 hours a day... that is how much time a human will need to get their body rested for the next day of activities. Well, some humans will spend less time on sleeping just to steal a little bit of time to spend it on other activities. But all is fair, if you steal time by sleeping less, you will be punished, although not in an obvious manner. Age will secretly crawl all over your face and before you know it, all is lost...

All along, Mr. Robotic is a skeptic when it comes to spending money on items related to sleeping like the mattress, the bedsheet covers. After all, Mr. Robotic is made of metals and screws, does it matter where he sleeps on? Also, sleeping is something all are programmed to do, so it is unimportant whether the bed is comfortable.

If you are a skeptic too, please change your opinion. Remember it is 8 hours a day which you are spending your time on everyday. You deserve better! A lousy mattress not only affects your sleep and your mood the following day, it may even give you bad back problems if you are not careful. Mr. Robotic learns it the hard way when his back starts giving he problems as his previous mattress is a old piece of foam that does not give any support for his back.

Now, Mr. Robotic is a proud owner of a new super single pocket spring mattress (yeah super single is much more spacious) and the cost fortunately didn't burn a hole in his tin can wallet, thanks to Seahorse. And not forgetting, Aussino cotton tee bedsheets to match. It is like sleeping on a bed of cotton t-shirts!

Zzzz... sorry... Mr. Robotic needs to take a snooze. *switch off* Zzz....

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