Saturday, November 28, 2009

Happy Cooking 5: Sweet Potato Dessert

So Mr. Robotic has raved about the benefits of white fungus in one of his earlier post. But today, Mr. Robotic was even amazed to hear that the extremely cheap white fungus has the same nutritional value as bird's nest. Some people even went as far to term white fungus as the poor man's bird's nest. Wow!!!

Found a useful comparison between white fungus and bird's nest at Loving Life. Anyway, you know *wink* what Mr. Robotic is going to add to his soup and dessert now onwards right?

The limelight for this post though lies on sweet potatoes.

Mr. Robotic's previous few gym instructors had asked him to add sweet potatoes (protein content) into his diet to help with his bulking up (yes, Mr. Robotic wants to be at the size of Optimus Prime one day). Little did Mr. Robotic know that the sweet potato actually packs so much nutritional value.

According to nutritionists at the Centre for Science in the public interest (CSPI), the sweet potato ranks number one in nutrition among all vegetables. The rich vitamins and minerals in the sweet potato is so high that its score is doubled of the next most nutritional vegetable. Wow!!!

Apparently, the sweet potato is also a source of anti-oxidants which helps to prevent and repair damage caused by free radicals (think cancer, heart disease and accelerated aging).

So how would the combination of the sweet potato and white fungus turn out? Read on...

Sweet Potato Dessert
Completed this dessert based on Mdm. Agaration's instructions. Hence, please feel free to explore if the portions are suitable for you.

Ingredients (Serves 6 to 7):
- 20g white fungus
- 3 sweet potatoes
- 6 to 8 red dates
- 50g rock sugar
- 20 dried longans
- 1.5 litre water
- 6 pandan leaves

1. Soak the white fungus, red dates and dried longans in cold water.
2. Peel the sweet potatoes and cut it into pieces. (Easier to cook for smaller pieces).
3. Cut the stem of the white fungus.
4. Wash pandan leaves, cut off dead edges and tie into a bundle.
5. Add all ingredients into pot and bring the water to boil.
6. After water boils, turn down to low heat and let it simmer for another 15 mins.
7. Ready to serve once the sweet potatoes are soft.

Mr. Robotic prefers the orange sweet potato than the yellow one. Nonetheless, the sweet potatoes Mr. Robotic cooked at home is most likely to be fresher than those he had outside at dessert stores, especially in food courts. Outside vendors would usually pre-prepared the sweet potato and put it in the freezer till it is needed. The taste and nutritional value are sadly lost. And of course, you would not be able to get an abundance of ingredients if you are eating out.

Mr. Robotic feels good that he is putting something delicious and yet good for his pipes into his system. Sweet~

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