Saturday, November 7, 2009

Happy Note 4: A new face for Mr. Robotic

If you are wondering if Mr. Robotic's numerous facial products had finally paid off and give Mr. Robotic a brand new and radiant face... hmm... not yet. But if that miracle happens, you can be sure that it warrants another happy note posting. So stay tuned!

The joyous thing rather is Mr. Robotic had completed a photo shoot of himself. 2 hours of sheer hard work of posing, more posing and more posing ya. Now, you can finally view Mr. Robotic in his ever so charming form in the title of the blog.

Did you say that Mr. Robotic look like Wall.E? That gorgeous yellow metallic squarish box from the Hollywood blockbuster? Apparently Mr. Robotic did look a little itsy-bitsy bit like Wall.E. Well... perhaps all square things look the same?

Mr. Robotic noticed the resemblance only after the photo shoot. While there is some resemblance, please don't compare Mr. Robotic with Wall.E. After all, Wall.E is backed by a Hollywood budget of enormous proportions and a team of super talented designers and programmers to ensure that Wall.E look spectacular at every angle. Mr. Robotic on the other hand is a poor robot trying to make ends meet and took the photos by himself.

Nonetheless, Mr. Robotic is extremely satisfied with the outcome of the photo shoot. Kudos to the photographer! Opps... that is Mr. Robotic himself. Look forward to posting more pictures! :)

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