Saturday, November 28, 2009

Happy Note 6: It's the season to be jolly!!!

Ho ho ho~
December is Mr. Robotic's favorite part of the year! It's a period whereby he does not feel guilty about over indulgence in shopping, food, partying and most importantly receiving presents. Haha!

With the end of the year coming, how did Mr. Robotic fared for the resolutions set out for year 2009?

He is on track to completing his 10 dishes although he cheated in the last few by concentrating on making desserts. 4 more dishes to go!

Watching less TV:
Mr. Robotic wanted to reduce the time spent watching TV and YouTube to 4 hours per week. Sadly this seems to be a impossible task given that there are just so many interesting Hongkong serial, Taiwanese variety shows and Japanese Anime. Argh...

Business or work writing everyday would make Mr. Robotic a dull writer. Hence, Mr. Robotic wanted to write a book or articles to stretch his writing a little bit besides normal writing. Guess, blogging counts. So this resolution is somehow completed!

Readers out there, have you completed your resolutions? If you haven't, quickly do so among all the other Christmas activities that you have planned for December. Enjoy!!

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