Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Bargains 1: Why pay more if you can pay less?

While Mr. Robotic is a machine, he too cannot resist the temptation of a good bargain when he finds one. The satisfaction of getting a "good" deal may at times short circuit his logical thinking of whether he truly needs the items. For instance, there are times where it is cheaper for bundled purchases, Mr. Robotic landed up getting more than he usually needs and the "extra" items were left around in his house which eventually disappear into oblivion.

Nonetheless, Mr. Robotic figured out that he is ought to share deals which in his opinion is worth it. So here starts the new series of posts beginning with Happy Bargains!

So what is Mr. Robotic going to kick start with, you asked? Since Mr. Robotic has been blogging about food entries for the last few posts, the first bargain in the new series would be on food of course!

WOW!!! Promotion Gist:
Seoul Garden is having a 1 for 1 adult buffet promotion for its new branch at City Square Mall (located next to Farrer Park MRT) on weekdays. Promotional period is from 2 November to 30 November 2009. Friday dinner is considered as the beginning of weekend and hence not under this promotion. For more promotional details, visit here.

Mr. Robotic's Review:
Mr. Robotic went on a Tuesday evening and the place is jam-packed with people. Apparently many other people is aware of this promotion. Mr. Robotic waited for a good 1 hour before he managed to get a table. So be prepared to wait.

The place is smaller than the usual Seoul Garden branches but this is overcome with the new service arrangement. Instead of self service whereby the customers will need to take the food and drinks from the counters which involves a lot of moving around and space, the new branch has a self ordering computer system at each table for customers to order the food and get it served to the table. That is an optimal use of space and technology so kudos to that!

The turnaround time when a request for the food was put up to when the food was served was reasonably fast. Alas, the over reliance on the self ordering system is a double edged sword. In the later part of the evening, the system encountered problems. Customers were disgruntled that their orders were either missed out or wrongly taken. Hence, Seoul Garden should really train their staff to cope with downtime like this to maintain customer satisfaction.

Other points to note is the food selection at this branch is different and seems to be lesser than the other branches, especially for the cooked food items. There are also some items on the menu which you would need to pay extra so be mindful!

Mr. Robotic's bill worked out to be around $14 per person for dinner.

So, if you have a strong craving for Seoul Garden, happen to be in the neighbour with lots of time to spare, why not give it a go?

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