Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Eating 2: Healthy Fast food?

So our familiarity with burgers, fries and fried chicken is a given since the Golden Arches and the Finger lickin' good colonel (no mention of brand names here since Mr. Robotic is not a fan) are available at almost all malls in Singapore and even creeping into the heartland areas. While the over-saturation phenonmen is a cause of concern as kids grow up thinking that such fast food are the "real" food, the saturated fat content in such fast food is even more worrying.

Lest you think that Mr. Robotic is an advocate of no fast food, Mr. Robotic do like the healthier choices, Yoshinoya and MOS burger which stems from Japan. But this post is not about these two common choices. Rather, it is about the newly arrived fast food joint - R Burger, that similarly came from the "Land of the Rising Sun".

So what's the hype with the R burger...?

R Burger prides itself to be the first hamburger café to introduce Marine Collagen in its buns. According to R Burger, "Marine collagen helps to stimulate collagen production. It encourages skin renewal, minimises muscle contractions, reduces the appearance of deep wrinkles and fine lines, and provides long-term improvement for the skin."
Therefore, it's marketing point lies in it being a healthier and alternative taste to the traditional burger.

Mr. Robotic ordered the R Burger Combo Meal which includes R Burger, Salad Stick with wasabi mayonnaise, Potato Wedges (hmm... this ain't too healthy ya?) and the Iced Black Tea.

Forgive Mr. Robotic for the poorly taken photo as he was very hungry at 8.50 pm and could not wait to start on his dinner.

The R Burger which comes with the beef patty really reminded Mr. Robotic of the Chinese's Kong Bak Bao (stewed pork wrapped with white buns) both in taste and presentation while the other items are not uncommon too with the other fast food joints. The cost of the combo meal is around $8+. Higher cost but supposely healthier choice? You be the judge.

If you are thinking of trying the R Burger, drop back at its only outlet in Singapore at ION Orchard.

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