Sunday, October 25, 2009

The humble beginnings of Mr. Robotic...

It is the year 2009. In a distant galaxy far far away...

There lies a planet called Earth. On this planet, is a machine called Mr. Robotic.

Mr. Robotic is a composite of metals devoid of emotions and individual thinking and is programmed specifically to carry out mundane tasks in a designated 2 by 2 metres cubicle. At the end of each month, Mr. Robotic is given an energy source called "battso" which keeps his circuits up and running.

For the past 28 years since he was manufactured, Mr. Robotic somehow felt that he is missing a screw, a circuit part or an application but he couldn't pin point what it is exactly. He ran many processes and applications but to no avail.

One day, while he was catching a movie called "Julie and Julia" with his human co-workers, something in the movie short-circuited Mr. Robotic's motherboard. It is apparent to Mr. Robotic that his purpose is to seek happiness and excitement so that he can be a real human begin rather than just a machine.

And there it started, the document of the Adventures of Mr. Robotic on planet Earth...

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