Sunday, July 4, 2010

World Cup Fever

Mr. Robotic is not a fan of football but it is hard not to pay attention to the ongoing World Cup Fever since people around him are raving about it.

Even for Friday night outs, the invitations were mainly to support the teams at bars that shows the World Cup live. The group comprising of Ms. Limelight, Ms. Hysterical, Mr. Hidden Rockstar, Mr. Trust Me and Mr. Robotic decided to go to boat quay to bask in the World Cup Fever.

The group started the night with Eski Bar which Mr. Hidden Rockstar recommended. Mr. Trust Me is crazy about chocolate milk and has been questioning the group if the bar serves chocolate milk... Hey, a bar serving chocolate milk?!? Maybe at Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Bar?

To put Mr. Trust Me's insatiable need for chocolate milk to a rest, Mr. Hidden Rockstar asked on his behalf which the waitress laughed and replied no. Lucky Mr. Trust Me did not ask instead cause there is a twinkle in his eye when he asks for chocolate milk that may come across as perverted for some. Haha...

Eski Bar has an interesting concept with the entrance of the bar which is way freezing and one can put on the neon blue and pink jackets available for a different experience. Imagine Eskimos shaking their booties? Some super sized foreigners were really enjoying themselves and partying it out in the deep freeze section. Mr. Robotic felt like Frodo walking past them. The music in the bar is pretty good too though a bit loud so it is not really a place for conversation. Pity the bar has no screening of the World Cup so the group had to leave after 1 drink.

The group seek a second location for the night and settled at a seafood restaurant. It's pretty quiet at the restaurant and thus makes it a good place for funny banter. Ms. Limelight also shared her travel experience Uzbekistan. According to her, Indians with sharp ventures are wildly popular in Uzbekistan akin to Bollywood celebrities.

And the match between Brazil and Holland started (the crowd also start pouring in to the restaurant). The game started with lightning attacks by the Brazilians which resulted in a early goal for Brazil (Ms. Hysterical and Ms. Limelight cheered for their team while Mr. Hidden Rockstar knows in his blood that Holland will eventually win) and that set the pace for the viewers that it was going to be an exciting match. Even at the sidelines, the angst and fiery expressions by the Brazil coach is pure entertainment in itself.

Is Holland going to hand over the entry ticket to the next match to Brazil?

No way! The Dutch came back in the second half of the game much stronger and kept biting at Brazil's defence. While Mr. Robotic has no preference on the team advancing to the next match, Mr. Robotic did liked the fighting spirit of the Underdog and the Dutch embodied that, coming in the match against the hot favorites and going against the odds of a goal behind. The hard work paid off for the Dutch as they scored a key goal from the free kick area (technically the Brazilian headed in the own goal while trying to defend against the free kick). Mr. Robotic swore that he thought Ms. Hysterical's heart stopped momentarily for 5 seconds due to the conceited goal.

It is really a cliche on the expression on how the ball is round and that anything can happen but indeed that was what happened for the Brazil and Holland match after the Dutch scored their second goal and snatched the win from the Brazilians much to the dismay of many fans.

To sum it up, the adrenaline rush rooting for the teams, the frustrations about the missed opportunities, the unison shouting for GOAL and watching the crazy antics when the players scores do make it compelling to fall in love with the World Cup! Mr. Robotic did enjoyed the night much.

Mr. Robotic always wonders don't the knees hurt with this slide? Haha...

Who is your pick to win it all for World Cup?

PS: If you recalled the Malaysia episode, Mr. Trust Me has been banned from leading the way. Yet Mr. Trust Me still inconspicuously walks to the front of the pack and tries to lead people into random places. For instance, on the way home, Mr. Trust Me asked the group to cross the road and yet turn back and asked the group where they are after crossing the road. Where did Mr. Trust Me get his confidence? Mr. Robotic has no idea...

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