Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Batman meets Mr. Bean...

Mr. Robotic is pretty pleased with the whole new look that he had fixed up for the blog. It is now in a sleek black color scheme! Black is classic and forever yeah?

Together with the new color scheme, Mr. Robotic had to recolor his banner into black and orange. That took a whole afternoon because Mr. Robotic did not have proper software and had to rely on Microsoft Words and the default Paint software. A bit pathetic but its all worth it!

Strangely when Mr. Robotic sees the new colors for the banner, he is reminded of Batman even though Batman is in black and yellow. Also, the little white circle resembles the spotlight that shines on Mr. Bean. So the title for Mr. Robotic's updated banner is Batman meets Mr. Bean! Haha...

Mr. Robotic hopes the readers like the new layout!

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