Sunday, July 11, 2010

Something fishy... swimming your way...

From the same people who brought you Fish & Co., they have come up with a new restaurant concept under the branding F.I.S.H which is now available at Somerset 313 and Tampines One. The good news is... it is Halal-certified!

So what's different?

There is now a salad bar which is the main highlight where one can opt for the salad bar buffet at $12.90 (price before GST). One can also choose among the value meals where the main course includes the salad bar buffet. Otherwise, one can top up at $5.90 with any of the other main courses to enjoy the salad bar buffet. F.I.S.H also attempts to differentiate from Fish & Co. with a different menu selection.

At Mr. Robotic's visit, the waitress was very welcoming and took time to explain the restaurant's concept. Kudos for the customer service!
Mr. Robotic had the baked codfish that comes with tomatoes and baby potatoes. The sauce is a little bit on the spicy side with the little chili padis and come across as the sauce for an Asian cuisine. Not really to Mr. Robotic's liking cause Mr. Robotic has high expectations for dishes using codfish.

The salad bar while being the main draw has limited offering compared to other other establishments that have the same concept like Sizzler or Earle Swensen's. But there are salad items that are available in F.I.S.H which are not available at the other two so that is a plus. The big jug freezes which is essentially a drink for two found at Fish & Co. can be found at F.I.S.H too.

Overall, since this restaurant just started out, Mr. Robotic would say that it is a concept in a right direction. However, it would need to fine tune its selection to know the customers' taste buds so as to have repeated visits beyond just the novelty concept.

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