Sunday, July 18, 2010

Fun packed weekend... on a car...

Mr. Robotic knows that it is quite impossible to own a car in his life time due to the high costs involved with maintaining the car that will surely slow down his plans for retirement. And it does not help that his dream car is the mini cooper. With that in mind, Mr. Robotic is in no rush to to get a driving licence or rather he may not attempt at all.

Having said that, Mr Robotic is really thankful for his friends who drives, especially Ms. Sexy. This is because without friends like her, Mr. Robotic would have missed out exploring and appreciating the less travelled parts of Singapore. For instance, Mr. Robotic had a fun packed weekend which would not have be as convenient without her assistance...

Friday Night:
Mr. Robotic was invited to a chalet at Downtown East organised by Ms. Organiser. No chalet is complete without a BBQ and Mr. Robotic was glad that Ms. Organiser did the BBQ because Mr. Robotic got to enjoy quite a delightful spread.

It could be the first time that Mr. Robotic had stingray at a BBQ event and was the stingray with sambal sauce amazing!! Kudos to Ms. Organiser and her friends for spending the afternoon to marinate the stingray and all the other food preparations. If Mr. Robotic didn't remember wrongly, the brand used for the stingrays was Sin Long Sambal sauce. It was the right level of spiciness. The time taken to grill the stingrays was also perfect as the stingrays came out tender and juicy. The standards of the stingray really put a lot of the hawkers out there to shame.

Friday Midnight:
The group went off to catch the movie "Inception" at Tampines. It was a long show but the concept, storyline and matrix like effects of the movie was interesting enough to keep Mr. Robotic awake throughout the whole movie. In particular, Mr. Robotic was in awe over the zero gravity fighting scenes and enjoyed the witty banter between the various characters. The only downside was the "draw your own conclusion" ending which left people leaving the cinema in suspense.

Mr. Trust Me was so into the movie that he went in and out of slumber in the duration of the movie in order to better understand the movie's concept of dreams within a dream... Brilliant ain't he?

Wee Hours of Saturday:
After the movie, the trio had an early breakfast at a McDonalds' in Mr. Robotic's neighbourhood. Though the place is near to Mr. Robotic's house, he had never been to it at such hours. Hence, it counted as a whole new experience for him. If Mr. Robotic ever needs a place to chit chat with his friends in the wee hours, that would be it because there were barely any customers at Mr. Robotic's visit.

Saturday Night:
Mr. Trust Me always like to challenge Mr. Robotic to be spontaneous in going out by giving him short notice to prepare (half an hour to one hour). Luckily, Mr. Robotic was well trained on his working days to get ready quickly so that he could sleep on his comfy bed till as much as possible.

The trio went to IKEA Tampines to shop around which surprisingly was still pretty crowded near its closing hours. Mr. Robotic always like to admire the different concepts for the showrooms at IKEA and wishes his house would one day be as stylish.

Saturday Midnight:
The trio settled for supper at Changi Village and no the trio did not have the famous Nasi Lemak which had a long queue at their visit. Instead, Mr. Trust Me had cravings for Chili Crab (yeah many would have concluded that Mr. Trust Me was pregnant with all his food cravings). After circling the areas for halal food, the trio settled on a stall tucked quietly at one corner and ordered the Spicy Chili Crab, BBQ Squid and Steamed Gong Gong (shell snail like thingy).

The verdict of the food?

Mr. Trust Me raved about the goodness of the crab (which Mr. Robotic agreed given the pricing) throughout the meal and mentally bookmarked the place for future repeated visits. The BBQ Squid was normal fare. The Steamed Gong Gong was a bit disappointing though as it tasted bland and rubbery even when Mr. Robotic had lowered his expectations for the shell snail like thingy.

Overall, though Mr. Robotic was tired from all the late nights and need to recharge by snoozing all the way till 1 to 2pm in the afternoon, he welcomed the change in routine for his weekend. It's been a while since Mr. Robotic felt "happening" compared to his usual stay home YouTube junkie weekends.


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