Sunday, July 25, 2010

Stylish house...

Whenever Mr. Robotic is at a bookstore, he will take the opportunity to flip through the home interior design books for Mr. Robotic likes to admire the different design concepts and pictures (or daydreams) how his future house will be like.

Therefore, when Mr. Robotic was invited for a house visit to Mr. Bummy's recently renovated place, Mr. Robotic was most eager to find out the kind of design concept which Mr. Bummy had chosen.

It was apparent from the very point that Mr. Robotic stepped into the house that the design concept was "Minimalist". The big plus on a minimalist design is how it makes the house looks clean and uncluttered thereby making the place more spacious than it is. It is definitely a style which Mr. Robotic likes as it is easier to maintain without all the hidden nooks that comes with the other designs. The little downside however would be the "stripped down" effect makes the place a little less homely and cosy so the choice of colours are important.

The following points are what Mr. Robotic adores about Mr. Bummy's house in no particular order:

1) See through to the kitchen from the living room concept. Mr. Bummy had the separation wall knocked down in favor of transparent glass doors and the kitchen was flushed to the same level of the living room. It created a much roomier feel to the place.

2) The bedrooms were cleverly hidden behind the feature wall and Mr. Bummy enjoys deceiving his guests that he has no bedrooms.

3) Optimal use of designer lights to decorate the room which is an important part of the minimalist design.

4) Choice of the induction stoves instead of the traditional gas stoves. While it runs on electricity and is expensive for frequent cooks, it just look so neat, sleek and easy to clean.

5) 4 pieces of full length mirrors for the wardrobe doors. What better way to check one's attire before going out to party? Mr. Robotic would be contented with just 2 pieces. Haha...

6) A shoe cupboard which is at the right height for one to sit on while wearing their shoes. The dual functionality is good. Mr. Robotic wants something similar for his future house and will include a cushion seat to add to the cosiness.

7) Designing sink and tap which one finds in the hotels. Adds a modern touch but a bit too costly for Mr. Robotic.

Besides the renovation which totally transformed the place (Mr. Bummy showed Mr. Robotic pictures of how run down the place was when he first bought it), Mr. Robotic also likes the location of the flat which is at a quiet corner by itself without any one walking by it and there are no nearby tall buildings to obstruct one's view which are key factors to select a house.

All in all, Mr. Robotic is inspired by the visit because it helps to reinforce the mental image of his own dream house and motivates he to work harder for it (saving up for the house and $45k for the renovation).

So what will your dream house be like?

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