Sunday, July 11, 2010


The best perk about Mr. Worry Too Much's current job has got to be that his boss is an owner of an orchard of peach trees in the United States. Because every year, after a good harvest of the peaches, his boss would share the imported peaches with his staff.

Mr. Robotic gets a free fruit per week from his employer too. The fruits include apples, bananas, oranges etc. But Mr. Robotic seldom drop by to collect the free fruit cause the fruits given are like what one would find in a supermarket. Nothing too out of the ordinary.

The peaches from Mr. Worry Too Much's boss is however of a different league altogether. They are super delicious since they are soft, sweet and importantly juicy! The juice from the peach is like spurting out whenever Mr. Robotic bites into one. It was a grand sight when the 16 peaches lined up together on one level of the fridge compartment.

Till next year, peaches...

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  1. PEACH! i like! slurp slurp! YX, meet up meet up! :P