Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Maroon 5 is coming back with Misery!

One of Mr. Robotic's favorite bands, Maroon 5, is coming back with their new album titled "Hands All Over" in September 2010.

Mr. Robotic is in anticipation for the new album as the last two albums by the band are fantastic!! The songs in the last two albums were on Mr. Robotic's playlist for a very very long time.

Lucky for the fans, Maroon 5 had released their first single called "Misery" to help "miserable" fans bear with the wait.

Judging by the strong first single, the coming album should be pretty darn good! Guess this single is going to be on Mr. Robotic's playlist till September 2010. Mr. Robotic can never get tired of the unique voice of the lead singer.

Now this is one piece of Misery that one don't mind sharing with his or her friends. Enjoy the Misery!

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