Saturday, January 23, 2010

Time to say goodbye...

Yes, as the title suggests, it is time for Mr. Robotic to say goodbye. Not that he is leaving his work, or shutting down this blog but rather, Mr. Robotic is gonna clean up his table and bid farewell to the junk that he has been keeping.

If you didn't know, Mr Robotic is a hoarder when it comes to junk. His laptop table is constantly piling up with receipts, bank statements and what not... At a point where he can't find his stuff on the table anymore or when he can't stack anymore things on the table, Mr. Robotic would then spend a lazy afternoon like today, sorting through the mess while listening to some laid back music.

Going through the receipts and stuff, Mr. Robotic reminisces about the past events, the friends he went out with, the places he had been, the stuff (useful and useless) which he had bought etc. At the end of the process when all the dust has settled (literally), it is almost a mini victory celebration moment for Mr. Robotic for he has managed to organise a small portion of his life on track among all the other things which he cannot control nor predict.

Goodbye junk... Till the next piled up...

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