Sunday, January 10, 2010


Goodness Gracious Me... You did not hear it wrong. For this post, Mr. Robotic is going to talk about Tarts!

Well, Ms. Gourmet likes to share delicious food with people around her and hence, Mr. Robotic is very fortunate to be introduced to divin-licious goodies from time to time which he didn't know existed. This time round, it's silky smooth bean curd tarts from LE Cafe Confectionery & Pastry!

Mr. Robotic has always been a fan of bean curd and egg tarts and thinks the creator who came up with the marriage of bean curd-like filling with tart is simply amazing and brilliant. The taste and texture is great and not to mention that it is a much less sinful pastry compared to egg tart. Mr. Robotic crazed for the tarts so much after trying them till he decided to go to the middle road branch and walked an out of the way route just to get his hands on them. Alas, the tarts is so popular that it was sold out on Mr. Robotic's day of visit. So do drop them a call if you want to get these tarts.

Shucks... Mr. Robotic is drooling over those tarts just trying to remember the whole eating experience. Got to get them soon...

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