Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy Cooking 1: Lemon Cheesecake

So it is the start of 2010 and therefore it is time to re-start the count of the no. of recipes attempted. First of the list would be Lemon Cheesecake!!! And it is non-bake too. Good for people who want to try pastries but do not have an oven.

Mr. Robotic has been saying that he wanted to try the supposedly 100% success rate recipe (even Mr. Wild Animal tried making it and remarked its a piece of cake, puns intended) back in December 2009, but alas the year whizzed past Mr. Robotic to his dismay. It is all good though, as it is a good recipe to usher in the new year!

Unlike previous posts, Mr. Robotic will not be providing the steps to making the recipe as he thinks that the author from Food 4 Tots has a very good illustration on the steps already. So, if you are keen to try out the recipe, please visit the Food 4 Tots webbie.

While you can surely beat the cream cheese and the whipping cream using a mere hand whisk and sheer perseverance, if you have a electrical mixer, choose the latter, no questions asked. The only comforting thing about hand whisking is you get to burn some calories and tone your arms before putting yummy calories into your tummy. Lol.

Wow, this cheese cream sure is stubborn!!

But Mr. Robotic is more fierce! Finally beat it into cream-like texture.

After 5 long hours of waiting, the lemon cheesecake is ready for sampling.

Time to put the taste to the test!

The lemon twist is a good balance to the richness of the creamy cheese. And Mr. Robotic like things sour. While Mr. Robotic can't claim credit that it is the best cheesecake that he ever tasted, this is a nice home made cheesecake which Mr. Robotic can visualise himself bringing to gatherings. Anyone up for Oreo cheesecake?


  1. yummy yummy... so when is the gathering?
    please bring it along:P

  2. geek, how long did you beat the cream cheese to get to the right texture !