Sunday, January 17, 2010

Friends matters

Christmas, new year... a few weeks of celebrations and cheer. But somehow behind all the laughter and happiness, Mr. Robotic can't help but feel that there seems to be an emptiness somewhere which he can't really describe that left him kinda sad. It could be the fact that another year has past and Mr. Robotic is reaching the big 30 or a case of self triggered mechanism that is out to nullify Mr. Robotic's happy emotions...

Fortunately for Mr. Robotic, he get to chill out with Mr. Congeniality (he has friends almost everywhere) and Ms. 大眼妹(apparently she still wants to be known as this moniker cause it is more adorable and sweet and fitting for her). The group tested the Crystal Jade Hong kong Cafe located at a quiet corner of level 7 of Orchard Central. The best part about the cafe is that a window seat allows you to have a bird's eye view of the buzz on the streets.

The drinks come in interesting glasses. Mr. Robotic chose warm Jasmine Tea which was served in a little clear teapot (which is refillable) and teacup.

Mr. Congeniality chose a Milk Tea thingy that came in a flask and a shot glass. Your eyes ain't playing any tricks on you. Dry ice was added to the hole in the middle of the flask which explains for the smoke coming out of it. It does look like an experimental concoction from the science labs, doesn't it?

The food however is a tad disappointing. Japanese food is best reserved for Japanese restaurants.

Would not recommend this eatery if you are looking for delicious food. However, if you are looking for a chill out spot to make small talk with your friends or you prefer your drinks served in unconventional glasses, you can give this place a chance.

Importantly it is not the food that matters but the company. Mr. Robotic really appreciate Mr. Congeniality and Ms. 大眼妹 for brightening his otherwise depressing and moody week. Thank you you!

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  1. Ms 大眼妹 is glad that she has managed to brighten Mr. robotic's week on that day, and likewise she wants to thank Mr. Robotic for always lending her his eyes and ears =)