Saturday, January 2, 2010

A new year, a new chapter...

While Mr. Robotic is sad to bid farewell to year 2009 (well, a new year means a year older ain't it and Mr. Robotic is one year closer to the scary 30 digits), the start of a new year is akin to a fresh chapter in Mr. Robotic's life story. It is a much needed point for Mr. Robotic to look back and review the past year at what he had achieved or failed to complete and plan and work towards on for the new year, AKA new year resolutions.

So Mr. Robotic's goals for 2010 (or Part 1 at least) are as follows:

Improve Fitness Levels:
- 2 workout sessions per week (1 session for chest and biceps, 1 session for shoulders, triceps and legs)
- 1 sport per week (be it swimming, jogging etc.)
- Start training for IPPT in January and hopefully pass by May 2010 (so it will be at least jogging twice a week during this period)
- 2 abs sessions per week (this can be done in mini breaks while surfing the net or between TV commercials)

Improve Cooking Skills:
- To have 2nd attempts on the "failed" dishes in the past
- To learn 20 new recipes

To explore the World:
- Travel to 2 new destinations (hopefully Mr. Robotic can save enough for Japan)

Wish Mr. Robotic luck on the above. Lol.


  1. i wan the disney cookie cutter from Disneyland Japan :P i book first :P

  2. all the best for your goals, i have confidence you will achieve it.