Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mr. Robotic behind the steering wheel...

For those who had challenged Mr. Robotic to a race at the Daytona machines in the arcade, you would have known how "spectacular" a driver Mr. Robotic is. For the clueless, well... let's just say that Mr. Robotic usually carrying out defying stunts with the race car (e.g. 180 degrees turn). So for Mr. Robotic to take up driving and be behind the steering wheel of an actual car... road users beware!!

So how did the first lesson go?

There were loads of introduction on the different controls of the car. Supposedly, it is nothing new to Mr. Robotic as he had took the final theory test but somehow when it comes to practical, Mr. Robotic's mind just go into a blank. Does he need to look right, left, rear or in front? Does he depress the brake, the accelerator or turn on the signal? Information overload and Mr. Robotic's spatial awareness is almost zero. Thankfully, the instructor was besides Mr. Robotic all the way and helped to steer the car whenever Mr. Robotic is not doing it right. Sigh of relief~

Guess it will be sometime before Mr. Robotic can drive his dream car... well for both reasons, the driving license and the hefty price tag. Till then... a picture to look at.. :)

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