Friday, February 11, 2011

Belated Happy New Year 2011!!

Cheers to the new year 2011. It's been a busy start to the year for Mr. Robotic which explains for the late update in his blog... So what have Mr. Robotic been up to for the past few weeks?

For a start, Mr. Robotic has been getting physical! Lest your mind runs wild, Mr. Robotic has been starting on a gruelling exercise routine to squeeze some meat (5kg hopefully?... no results yet though) onto his tiny frame. The workout per week consists of one day of upper exercise, one day of lower exercise and two days of body conditioning. Each exercise day left Mr. Robotic so winded that there just isn't much energy to do anything else.

And of course to kick start the growing, Mr. Robotic got himself a blender and start mixing different items with the protein powder to make it more delicious. The above picture is a mix of blueberries and yogurt. Sweet!

Another goal which Mr. Robotic set for himself this year is to pass his driving. Yes, this is long overdue considering that Mr. Robotic passed his basic theory test like 5 years ago. But Mr. Robotic hates taking test as it
gives him the jitters, no matter what kind of tests. Even taking IPPT, Mr. Robotic will feel nervous. Maybe a little bit of anxiety is good... cause it keeps one on his or her toes. Mr. Robotic is glad that he passed his final theory test today on his first attempt. Mr. Robotic is keeping his fingers crossed that he can clear the driving test on the first attempt too so that he can keep the expenses low. Yeah, learning driving is expensive! A thing to note is our technology had advanced. 5 years ago, Mr. Robotic was still taking the basic theory test via sheets of question and answer paper. Now, the tests are taken using the computer terminals with sleek touchscreen monitors. The person besides Mr. Robotic has a unique way of "interacting" with the touchscreen i.e. flicking on the screen to choose his answers.

Lastly, one very important issue to follow up (especially given that Mr. Robotic is moving in to the big 3) is to plan for his retirement. Mr. Robotic had ran through his insurance plans and realised that he had duplicates in his plans which he had ridiculously paid for the past 2 years. Well, better realise now than later. More fine tuning for the insurance plans are in order and Mr. Robotic will be working on that area. Another area Mr. Robotic will need to schedule time to explore will be CPF and investment as part of the retirement package.
So there you go... the above 3 areas are and will continue to be the areas that will keep Mr. Robotic busy for year 2011. Wish him luck!

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