Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mdm. Agaration goes on a holiday...

For the past week or so, Mdm. Agaration and Mr. Worry Too Much was on a holiday in Taiwan. Hence, Mr. Robotic, Mr. Songwriter Wannabe and Mr. Annoying Orange were left at home to fend for themselves. It's only these little getaways by Mdm. Agaration that Mr. Robotic realises how important she is. Maintaining a house is no easy feat and Mr. Robotic hereby salutes all the mothers out there, especially the working mums! However do you do it on a daily basis?!

Well, Mr.
Robotic and the gang did managed to survive the household chores. Thankfully! However, what really strikes a chord with Mr. Robotic is how he misses the little gestures of Mdm. Agaration when she is away. For instance, Mdm. Agaration will never fail each morning to wave at Mr. Robotic from the window while he is about to catch the bus to work. And for the past week, when Mr. Robotic looked up at the window, she ain't there and a wave of sentiments hit Mr. Robotic. To think, Mr. Robotic actually said to Mdm. Agaration that it is a silly gesture of hers that mimic Grumpy Gran. Guess, its the silliest things that are close to one's heart.

Now now, although Mdm. Agaration was not at home, Mr. Robotic still gets to have some home cooked meals. The following are some of the simple fare that
Mr. Robotic made for the past week...
Cha Soba (not sure why it ain't that green in the photo) and luncheon meat. Ms. Marble shared a good method of having "deep fried" luncheon meat less all the oil. That is to put the luncheon meat in the toaster oven. Mr. Robotic presumes that this is a healthier choice too.
From left, stirred fried Angel's hair, Potato Soup, Canned beans and Tomatoes with Eggs. Mr. Robotic is horrible when it comes to pasta. Tried different combinations but it just doesn't seem to work. As for the soup, thanks to the secret ingredient - packaged chicken stock, Mr. Annoying Orange thought the soup which contains potatoes, carrots, mushrooms and spring onion, to be pretty decent.
Mushroom soup that comes with meat, tofu, 2 kinds of mushrooms and vegetables. Mr. Robotic originally wanted to cook a few dishes after work. But it proved to be too ambitious. After spending more hours in the office then he had planned, he rushed home and decided on the quick recipe... dumped all the ingredients together with secret ingredient - chicken stock. Balanced and healthy dish? Mr. Songwriter Wannabe had two large bowls of the soup and was surprised that its good.

So if you are home alone, remember to stock up on canned food and chicken stock. :P

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  1. Hahaha...Please salute to me also lor..i did household chores everyday never fail ok. haha..just that i didnt cook =P