Sunday, April 4, 2010

St' Games...

If you are thinking that there is a typo to Mr. Robotic's title entry and it should be St' James Powerhouse... can't blame you. That is the kind of reaction when Mr. Robotic first hear of the name of the place. But alas, that would somehow give away that you are kind of a clubber to do think of St' James Powerhouse. :)

Anyway, St' Games, the place that Mr. Robotic went on a Thursday evening is a place for playing video games (think Wii, Playstation etc) with your friends or family. The shop is located at a quiet corner of Novena Square 2. The prices which are about $6 to $7 per hour are reasonable to Mr. Robotic as it is about the same prices for movie tickets anyway. One, however, is required to sign up as a member first before using the facilities, which involves a one time $10 charge. Apparently, there is a promotion for now and that charge is waived.

Since it was a Thursday night and just after office hours, it was rather weird for Mr. Robotic to be in office attire (Mr. Trust Me and Ms. Hysterical were in casual clothes as they were on course for the day) and swinging the Wii remote to and fro vigorously. But as Mr. Robotic's got drawn into the game and got a good workout on his forearms from swinging (for real as Mr. Robotic is sweating from it), that awkwardness just fade into the background.

The trio challenged each other to Raving Rabbits 2 and Wii Sport. Raving Rabbits has cutesy graphics and involves one in a variety of random tasks like washing clothes and spinning the porcelain plates while Wii Sport as the name suggest has games like archery and volleyball (Mr. Robotic and Ms. Hysterical hate to admit it but Mr. Trust Me is good at virtual volleyball).
Boy were there competitive streaks in Mr. Trust Me and Ms. Hysterical and you can see the fire (i.e. determination) in their eyes. Sadly, both of them didn't think of Mr. Robotic as much of a competitor. So how did the score go?

Raving Rabbits:
1st - Ms. Hysterical
2nd - Mr. Robotic
3rd - Mr. Trust Me

Will Sport:
1st - Mr. Trust Me
2nd - Mr. Robotic
3rd - Ms. Hysterical

So overall, it is a tie? Well... Mr. Trust Me and Ms. Hysterical are of course not contended with the results and swore for a rematch. Till the next Wii battle~

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