Saturday, February 6, 2010

Hot hot hot...

How nice it would be to have a healthy bronzed tanned look? Mr. Robotic likes going out for lunch or a weekend swim when he gets to enjoy that brief moment of sunlight and Vitamin D instead of being cooped up in the enclosed environment all day.

The sun is way too glaring today though. Mr. Robotic was out in the sun for barely 15 minutes (without applying sunblock) and his skin turned red soon after. For those going out in open areas today, remember to put on sunblock. Over exposure to the sun is one of the primary reasons for premature aging.

Mr. Robotic came across an article lately which commented that with the different methods of improving the skin and activities that makes one's mindset younger, a person whose actual age is 40 years old can easily look and pass off as 30 instead. Hence, if you are going to be lazy in your skin care regime, you could jolly look one decade older the next time you have a gathering with your peers.

Worried? What are the other means to combat aging? For a start, choose facial products that contains Vitamin E, for its anti-oxidant elements to fight free radicals in the environment and Vitamin C, for encouraging the growth of collagen on your skin.

On such a warm day, Mr. Robotic misses the Azabu Sabo green tea ice-cream which he had just last night. Looking at the picture would help for now...

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