Monday, February 15, 2010

Each word is a trap...

"话总说不清楚 该怎么明了 一字一句像圈套" extracted from JJ Lin (林俊杰)'s new song 背对背拥抱. Loosely translated, it means "how do one understand if the words are not spoken clearly? Each word becomes a trap."

While words can be used to express your thoughts and feelings to another, it is after all a medium of expression. Whether the intended message can be understood by the recipient will depend on the choice of words used by the sender and the interpretation of the recipient. If the words are communicated incorrectly, it can give rise to misunderstandings that prevents one from feeling.... happy.

Just recently, Mr. Robotic can cite one occasion where he as the recipient was gravely mistaken on wrong assumptions. In the end, it doubled his workload and robbed him of his time in other areas and happiness of course. Also, not forgetting another time, when Mr. Wild Animal was angry with Mr. Robotic's comment and only after clarification did it turn out that the it was yet another misunderstanding on the message.

Hence, both the sender and recipient should always clarify if in doubt to ensure that the message is communicated across successfully. Simple logic? Yet its not always applied... :)

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