Saturday, October 22, 2011

Taking things for granted...

Taking things for granted is human nature. This rule applies to robots too.

1.5 weeks of being confined, Mr. Robotic is thankful for the following things which he took for granted...

Freedom - Donning the green uniform, Mr. Robotic has no freedom whatsoever in how he manages his life. He needs to follow instructions on the time to wake up, which location to be at, adhere to the training schedule, what kind of phones that he is allowed to bring, how short the hair should be etc. Without freedom, Mr. Robotic felt as if he lost his individuality. The 1.5 weeks actually felt like 1 month. Unbelieveable.

Safe and Sound - Having read the news of the poor little gal in China that got ran over by a vehicle, Mr. Robotic came to the realisation that there are many events that can just take away one's life so easily. Mr. Robotic is glad that he made it through the range safely with all the bullets flying by. Mr. Robotic appreciates the shelter over his head when there is a thunderstorm raging. Mr. Robotic counts his blessing that as reckless the bus driver is with hitting the front and rear of the bus at the steep slopes, he made it through the journey.

Peers - Mr. Robotic's peers help to keep Mr. Robotic grounded on his goals and offers a reality check for Mr. Robotic. Drawing from their experience and success in different fields, Mr. Robotic hopes to do the same as them. Good company!


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