Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Next Singapore Superstar...?

Coincidentally, one of Ms. Teacher's students was at the same KTV place where the group celebrated Ms. Sexy's birthday. Ms. Teacher was full of praise for her student's singing ability and asked if her student can sing a song in front of the group. Of course, the group agreed and gosh was the group treated to a spectacular performance. To think that the student chose to sing a 林志炫 song at KTV and even more unbelievable a song called "Surrender" that was originally sang by Celine Dion.

For those who have not heard the song before, check the following video:
As Randy would have said on American Idol, the student has mad vocals, dawg! And he is comparable to the singer considering his young age! A check with Ms. Teacher revealed that the student was actually under the famous Li Wei Song + Li Si Song music school. Wow, seems like there is a pool of singing talent in Singapore waiting to be groomed to be the next superstar!

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