Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Season for binging... guilt free!

What better way to celebrate Christmas besides binging (other than receiving presents... haha)?!?

The international buffet spread at the Pan Pacific Orchard Hotel is good! Of course, importantly, the company was great which matters more! Lots of fun! Snippets of the spread...

Salad selection was comparable if not better for places that prided themselves for the salad bar. From left, cherry tomatoes, quail eggs, mushrooms (one of Mr. Robotic's favorites of the night) and sweet potatoes. After salad, Mr. Robotic moved on to the raw stuff that included salmon sashimi, oysters. The oysters were incredibly fresh and delicious! Mr. Robotic was swearing off raw oysters as he had pretty bad previous encounters at other food outlets. Mr. Robotic's faith in raw oysters are finally restored!

From left, Turkey, Potato Gelatin, Duck, Thai Pineapple Rice (a bit too strong for Mr. Robotic's liking), Fish (Mr. Robotic's friends were raving over this dish), Fisherman's hotpot (as how Mr. Robotic remembered the name was).

From left, Noodle, Tofu with Broccoli, Ham and Pineapples (Baked pineapples with the apple sauce were nice. Recommended by the chef).

From left, Blueberry Mousse, Mango Tart, Honeydew thingy. There was a chocolate fondue which Mr. Robotic had to give up indulging in. Mr. Robotic wished he had more room for dessert!

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