Sunday, August 15, 2010

Pu Tien... the twists and turns...

Ever since Mr. Robotic was introduced to the fried yam at Pu Tien, Mr. Robotic has added that to his cravings list! Mr. Robotic must admit that he ain't a fan of yam (come on, the food is purple!) but Pu Tien totally changed his opinion.

It was Mr. Worry Too Much's birthday (coincidentally it happens to be Mr. Robotic 4th year at his current job too) and Mr. Robotic suggested Pu Tien at Tampines for the mini celebration. However, Mr. Worry Too Much whom again was true to his character was worried that there ain't any parking space at Tampines and suggested to go the Parkway Parade instead.

The group was at a loss at what to eat at Parkway Parade as Mdm. Agaration wanted to eat Chinese food. Surprisingly, as luck would have it, there was a Pu Tien at Parkway Parade
too, tucked nicely at one quiet corner and the group was just in time at 2.30 pm to make the last order for the kitchen. So here's the food selection...

Hums with garlic as starters. It's not too bad. But for a party of 5, it is a bit much...

The Fried Yam which Mr. Robotic is raving about.

Stir fried bee hoon. The bee hoon has a interesting herbal kind of taste to it. Mr. Robotic liked how crispy the seaweed is. The rest of the group found it a bit bland compared to the rest of the dishes though...

Kai lan covered with bean curd skin. Though this dish is standard fare for lots of Chinese restaurants, it was wiped out by the group within minutes. A gesture of how good it is...?

Fried pork ribs with chestnut. Seldom does Mr. Robotic find chunky chestnuts in dishes. This was one of the rare occasions.

Steamed Sea Bass. Standard fare but good enough...
Chili. This chili has a nice spicy and sour kick to it. Very appetizing...

The cute little bag contains a bottle of the their chili. Marvellous!

UOB card holders will receive a discount for weekdays. Even without the discount on the weekend, the prices are very reasonable considering the group has ordered all medium size dishes except for the fried bee hoon and yet the group of 5 is super full by the end of the meal for just $125. Till the next craving for fried yam... :)


  1. I like Pu Tien time we can go eat together :-)

  2. Sure! Till the next Fried Yam Craving~