Sunday, March 14, 2010

Joining the dark side...

Mission objective to the terrorists....
1. Destroy the control switch.
2. Proceed to detonate the C4 and destroy the helicopter.
3. Kill any counter-terrorists in sight.

So has Mr. Robotic turned to the dark side like the killer robots in Terminators?

That is what the game moderators at Red Dynasty would want you to believe when you join their paintball session. You would immerse yourself in a outdoor arena that has items like a wooden helicopter and a bridge to simulate the battlefield and a weapon that is loaded with 50 rounds of paintballs. If that is not enough, how about donning a Darth Vader alike mask? (breathes heavily....)

So how did Mr. Robotic fared in the dark side. Not very good apparently. He was shot in the mouth area. Lucky for Mr. Robotic, there was his trusty Darth Vader mask that blocked most of the impact from that head shot, failing which, Mr. Robotic may need to go for some face realignment of sorts. However, the mask can only protect Mr. Robotic that much. As there are little ventilation openings in the mask, parts of the paintball actually went past the mask and into Mr. Robotic's mouth. Mr. Robotic's advice to anyone who wishes to know how paintball taste like... don't ever try, unless you are into eating grease or something :(

For all the time spent to go to the rather isolated place and listening to the briefing and gearing up for the game, the game itself ended rather quickly. But it is still a rather fun experience although a little pain is to be expected. If you have a little grudge that you have with your friends, it is time to organise a painball... opps... paintball session.

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